How to Set up Car Speakers



Most cars today come with a built in audio system. However many car owners aren\’t satisfied with the low-quality sound offered by the simple factory-installed system. They want their music to sound like as much like a live performance as possible [source: BOSE]. Installing car speakers is not difficult a difficult project. Some people replace the standard speakers their car came with, while others add additional speakers. Here\’s how to set up additional car speakers, without replacing the old speakers.

  1. Decide where to put the speakers on the car door.
  2. Place the speaker\’s template (all speakers have a template) on the door panel. Make sure there\’s nothing (e.g. a door handle, etc.) in the way.
  3. Tape the template to the exact spot you have chosen.
  4. Remove the inside door panel by removing the screws or snap fittings.
  5. Place the door panel on a flat surface and cut out the shape of the template with a utility knife. If you\’re cutting a metal panel, use a jig saw.
  6. Place rubber tubing in the space between the door jamb and the door.
  7. Run the wiring from the radio/CD system through the tubing.
  8. Wrap a few layers of electrical tape around the wires that are between the door itself and the inner panel. This will protect the wires from sharp edges.
  9. Mount the speakers to the door panel.
  10. Position the panel back on the door and loosely screw a few screws in place, just so that the panel remains in place.
  11. Crimp the wires to the back of the speakers.
  12. Re-attach the panel firmly to the door [source: Crutchfield].


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