Get Money For Your Old Car Batteries


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Back on the farm in Iowa, we had dozens of vehicles: Tractors, combines, grain trucks, work trucks, regular trucks. Each one of these vehicles requires a battery to run. Inevitably, these batteries would wear out and have to be replaced. We\’d stack the bum batteries in a special corner of the machine shop. Once there were a dozen or so batteries stacked up, we\’d drive into Omaha, Nebraska to sell these batteries to a refurbisher.

There might not be a place that refurbishes batteries near you, but you can still get cash or at least trade for your batteries. Don\’t expect a lot of cash. If you can get five dollars for a used battery, you have struck gold. Most places will only offer you a dollar or two.

Here are Some Places That May Buy Your Batteries

1. Metal Recyclers

Some metal recyclers offer cash for old batteries.

2. Auto Parts Store

A lot of these places won\’t offer you cash, but you might be able to get a few dollars in store credit.

3. Auto Repair Shop

Some of these places refurbish batteries. Then they sell them at a reduced price. This is your best bet for getting actual money.


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