Electrify America adds road-trip chargers next to Wall Drug


Working to fill gaps in its network, Electrify America is adding charging stations in new locations, including one site near a famous roadside attraction.

The Volkswagen-funded charging network on Wednesday announced groundbreaking of charging sites in South Dakota and Wyoming. These will be the first Electrify America stations in those states.

The South Dakota charging site will be located at a Conoco gas station in the town of Wall, best known for Wall Drug. Opened as a drug store in 1931, it\’s since morphed into a large complex of restaurants and gift shops, luring tourists on the way to nearby Badlands National Park.

Drivers stopping in Wall will have access to two 150-kw and and 350-kw DC fast-charging stations, an Electrify America press release said.

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E, at Electrify America DC fast-charger

The Wyoming site, located at Smith\’s Food and Drug in the town of Gillette, will also have two 150-kw and two 350-kw DC fast-charging stations, according to Electrify America. It plans to open additional charging sites in both Wyoming and South Dakota \”over the next year and a half.\”

Electrify America is making rapid progress in building out its fast-charging network. It just finished its first cross-country route in 2020, but is already filling in alternate routes. That includes connecting to more tourist destinations—like Yosemite National Park.

And Electrify America recently (finally) made its app compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. So it\’s now a bit easier to find those new charging stations.

Electrify America plans to more than double the network by 2025. Meanwhile Tesla plans to triple the Supercharger network in two years. VW has reportedly been shopping the network out to other investors, in a bid to scale up faster.


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