Foxconn reveals three "self-developed" EVs, aims to become global automaker


Foxconn recently announced manufacturing partnerships with Fisker and Lordstown Motors. And on Monday it launched its own EV brand called Foxtron.

The Taiwanese firm most famous for contract manufacturing the Apple iPhone unveiled the first three Foxtron models at its Hon Tai Tech Day event. Those three vehicles, which Foxconn said are still in the prototype stage, include the Model C crossover, Model E sedan, and Model T bus.

We wouldn\’t be surprised if Foxconn ended up changing the names before production. Ford likely won\’t be pleased by the name of the bus, and it previously blocked Tesla from using the name Model E for what became the Model 3.

Foxtron Model E

Foxtron was established a year ago as a joint venture between Foxconn and Yulon Motor Group, a Taiwanese automaker that has built cars under license from established automakers like Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan.

The Model C and Model E are based on Foxconn\’s modular EV platform, which was unveiled last year. At the time, Foxconn also said it was developing solid-state battery tech for 2024.

The Model C has a 5+2 seating arrangement, with a small third row, and can do 0-62 mph in 3.8 seconds, according to Foxconn. The Model E shaves a second off that time with a 750-horsepower output, the company said. Foxconn said both models will achieve 400 miles of range, although it\’s unclear which testing cycle that\’s based on.

Foxtron Model T

The Model T has a claimed 250-mile range and 75-mph top speed. It\’s planned to see production first, in 2022. The Model C is scheduled to follow in 2023 and will be sold in Taiwan under an existing Yulon brand. Foxconn didn\’t say when it plans to launch the Model E sedan.

Foxconn has made several attempts to enter the auto industry. Earlier in 2021, it tried to revive Chinese EV startup Byton with an investment. It also formed a joint venture with Volvo parent Geely.

It\’s unclear if any Foxtron models will be sold in the United States, but Foxconn has discussed plans to manufacture EVs here. Foxconn last month entered a partnership with Lordstown Motors in which it will seek to buy the truck maker\’s former General Motors plant, essentially becoming a contract manufacturer for Lordstown and giving it a place to build an upcoming $30,000 Fisker EV—as well as, potentially, its own vehicles.


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