Hot Wheels helps feed Tesla Cybertruck hunger with electric toys


The Tesla Cybertruck generated quite a lot of buzz when it was unveiled in November 2019. Three months later, Hot Wheels is trying to cash in on that buzz with toy versions of the electric pickup truck.

Hot Wheels will release radio-control Cybertruck models in two sizes—1:64 scale and 1:10 scale, referring to the size of the model in relation to the real thing.

The 1:64-scale Cybertruck is three inches long, and about the same size as Hot Wheels\’ traditional die-cast toy cars. It\’s designed to drive on the same orange plastic track used by those cars.

So unlike the real Cybertruck, fitting into driveways and parking spaces shouldn\’t be a problem with this version.

Hot Wheels claims the smaller Cybertruck replica can reach up to 500-mph scale speed. The real Cybertruck has a top speed of 130 mph.

The larger RC Cybertruck can reach an actual (not scale speed) of 25 mph. It\’s also got all-wheel drive—just like the real thing.

Hot Wheels 1:10-scale remote control Tesla Cybertruck

The 1:64-scale RC Cybertruck costs $20, while the larger 1:10-scale version costs $400. Both were available for pre-order, but the larger version sold out within hours of announcement.

The actual Cybertruck starts production in 2021, and Tesla has already collected thousands of refundable $100 deposits.

This isn\’t the first time Hot Wheels has been involved with one of Tesla\’s media spectacles.

When Elon Musk\’s 2008 Tesla Roadster was launched into space aboard a Falcon Heavy rocket, the car had a Hot Wheels Tesla Roadster mounted on its dash.

Hot Wheels subsequently released a collector\’s edition 1:64-scale Tesla Roadster to commemorate the launch.

Parents looking to indoctrinate the next generation of drivers with electric-car enthusiasm have other options as well.

Radio Flyer previously released a kid-size Tesla Model S—complete with working \”frunk.\”

Ride-on toy cars typically use electric power, so you could say that many people experienced electric driving long before they got their licenses.


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