Hyundai Seven EV concept will bow in LA, previews Ioniq 7 due in 2024


Hyundai has given an additional glimpse of an all-electric SUV concept that previews its upcoming Ioniq 7, due in 2024. The concept, called Seven, is due to be fully revealed at the LA auto show later on November 17. 

According to the company, the Seven concept “captures Hyundai Motor’s future design and technology innovation in the electric mobility era and hints at a new SUV model coming to the IONIQ family.”

The Seven—or Ioniq 7 production model—is likely to be built on an extended version of the company’s 800-volt E-GMP platform that underpins the Ioniq 5, as well as two other upcoming models, the Kia EV6 and Genesis GV60. But Hyundai suggests that the Ioniq 7 might have a “new interior architecture.”

Teaser for Hyundai Seven concept debuting November 17, 2021

To draw out what that difference might be inside: There’s a “premium and personalized lounge ambience,” with sustainable materials and an emphasis on eco-friendly. In this vehicle, which is likely to offer three rows and have space for up to seven, Hyundai notes that the Seven deepens the Ioniq 5’s space innovation. 

Hyundai teased the Ioniq 7 in profile back in September, next to the already confirmed Ioniq 5 hatchback and upcoming Ioniq 6 sedan, and at that time only labeled it “Ioniq large SUV.\” The Seven follows a Parametric Pixel approach to lighting, just as the Ioniq 5 that’s due to arrive before the end of the year, however this new teaser photo shows that in the Seven the more blunt front end is accented by a bitmapped ribbon across the front—a detail that we assume is going to look great lit up at night. 

Teaser for Hyundai Ioniq 7 due in 2024

Both the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6 have had different names as concepts—the 45 concept for the Ioniq 5, and the Prophecy concept for the Ioniq 6, which is due to arrive sometime next year. As in both of those cases, we’re expecting the Seven to very closely resemble the production-bound model. 

Hyundai has said that it’s preparing “a suite of American-made electric vehicles,” and earlier this year it confirmed that fully electric models would start production in 2022 as part of a $7.4 billion investment in the U.S. through 2025. Will the Ioniq 7, nee Seven, be part of that U.S. push? Perhaps we’ll get an answer with the reveal in just a couple weeks.


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