Like Tesla, Rivian is entering the insurance business


Rivian is following Tesla not only by launching premium long-range EVs, but by launching its own insurance product.

Rivian Insurance for the R1T electric pickup truck and the R1S electric SUV will be offered in 40 states initially (a lot more than Tesla), and will rely heavily on vehicle connectivity, according to the company\’s website.

The website copy said Rivian will use vehicle connectivity and its knowledge as the manufacturer to diagnose problems, getting vehicles back to customers more quickly and, the company said, allowing for lower premiums than third-party insurance.

Customers can also opt into a discount for use of Rivian vehicles\’ driver aids. However, that means letting Rivian track how frequently those features are used.

Rivian R1T

Like some standalone insurance companies, Rivian will also offer the option to bundle auto, home, and boat policies. Auto policies also cover the various accessories Rivian plans to offer, such as a camp kitchen, as well as off-roading. That should mean customers won\’t be penalized with higher rates for using the R1T and R1S the way Rivian intended.

Tesla launched its insurance product in California in 2019, and it\’s grown very slowly since then. Nonetheless, Tesla hopes insurance might become a significant business line, and it\’s planning expansions into Illinois, Texas and Washington.

Tesla got into the insurance business when several major insurers hiked up premiums for Tesla coverage, claiming abnormally high claim rates.

Rivian R1S

Rivian plans to start deliveries this summer, with remote delivery and app-based service requests, although more showrooms are on the way. It also recently detailed a battery warranty offering longer coverage periods than other United States-market EV brands.

Green Car Reports has reached out to Rivian for more details about the policies and the data that goes with them.


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