Nissan aims for 15 EVs by 2030, solid state batteries by 2028


Nissan on Monday unveiled an ambitious plan to launch nearly two dozen new electric cars and hybrids and invest in solid state battery tech by the end of the decade.

Dubbed Nissan Ambition 2030, the plan calls for 23 electrified models for the Nissan and Infiniti brands globally, including 15 all-electric vehicles, by 2030. It\’s part of a larger goal to achieve carbon-neutral status by 2050, and is backed by a 2 trillion yen (approximately $17.6 billion) investment over the next five years.

Nissan electric-vehicle platform

Some of that investment will also fund development of solid state batteries, which Nissan expects to be production ready by fiscal year 2028, with a pilot plant in Yokohama, Japan, coming online as early as fiscal year 2024. Nissan expects solid state batteries to bring the cost of an EV battery pack down to $75 per kwh by 2028, and is targeting $65 per kwh at a later date with additional cost reductions.

Nissan is aiming to make electrified models—including both EVs and hybrids—50% of its global sales by 2030. The automaker previously said it wanted to make electric cars 40% of its United States sales by that time, with additional sales from hybrids.

The automaker also previously discussed bringing its e-Power series hybrid system to the U.S., including for performance applications and Infiniti luxury models. But while e-Power was due to be extensively used in the U.S. market, it hasn\’t shown up yet and Nissan hasn\’t provided an updated timeline.

Nissan Surf-Out, Max-Out and Hang-Out concepts

Nissan didn\’t provide specific details on the 15 upcoming EVs, but unveiled the Chill-Out, Hang-Out, Max-Out, and Surf-Out concepts as a tease of its future plans.

The Hang-Out and Chill-Out are both crossovers, the latter with a coupe-like silhouette. The Max-Out is a low-slung two-seat roadster, while the Surf-Out is a pickup truck with a reconfigurable bed that brings to mind the old Nissan Pulsar NX compact.

Meanwhile, we\’re still waiting for the fall 2022 launch of the 2023 Nissan Ariya crossover, which is targeting 300 miles of range.


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