Report: Employers should see workplace charging as more than a perk for its workers


Workplace electric vehicle charging is often seen as an employment perk both by businesses and their (current or prospective) employees, but that strategy could be short-sighted. On-site electric chargers may actually be a boon for business, a report suggests, potentially bringing in customers and attracting a stable, engaged workforce. 

The study, conducted by Wood Mackenzie (a subsidiary of data analytics firm Verisk), says that businesses underestimate the value of on-site electric chargers. Data suggest that not only might electric chargers attract customers, but the particular types of buyers they bring in are highly desirable. 

\”For the time being, most EV owners are likely to be middle to upper-middle income,\” the report says, \”and there’s an obvious opportunity in encouraging them to spend time—and money—on the premises.\”

Beyond that, EV charging takes time, and time spent waiting could be time spent, well, spending. In other words, EV owners are more likely to have both time and money to spare. 

It\’s also important for employers to look at EV charging for employees as more than merely a side benefit. By making sustainability and carbon reduction core business philosophies, employers can attracted a more engaged workforce while also raising their profiles within the community. 

\”Today’s business must attract and retain a modern workforce, who may value perks like EV charging that not only make their lives easier but that also support aspirations to cut carbon footprints,\” the summary says. 

\”Many companies are making clear commitments to champion the cause, going beyond core business functions to monitor and lower both direct and indirect emissions. And those that cultivate a credible reputation for supporting the sustainability agenda may be considered more attractive places to work.\”


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