Tesla Model 3 owners could soon cut the cord at home with aftermarket wireless system


WiTricity on Wednesday announced a new aftermarket wireless charging system for EVs—including the Tesla Model 3.

The WiTricity Halo Charging system will be available for certain EV models as a \”limited beta\” beginning later this year, with broader availability in 2023 the company said.

The system will be capable of charging at 11 kw, adding between 35 and 40 miles of range per hour of charging, the company claims. It consists of three components: a power receiver installed on the vehicle, a wallbox connected to an electric power source, and a charging pad connected to the box, and installed on or in the ground.

2022 Tesla Model 3


WiTricity says it\’s been testing the system with a Tesla Model 3 since October 2021. Testers have found that a full recharge takes six hours, according to the company.

Engineers are also fitting out a Ford Mustang Mach-E for wireless charging, \”with more vehicles in the pipeline,\” the company noted.

This is the same Halo tech that originated with Qualcomm, but was bought by WiTricity in 2019. Since then, Mitsubishi has also invested in WiTricity for a wireless-charging push in future models.

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E


WiTricity isn\’t the first company to offer an aftermarket wireless charging system. Plugless Power\’s second-generation system has been offered for the Tesla Model S and BMW i3 since 2016.

But WiTricity will also provide hardware for the first factory-installed wireless charging system, in South Korean-market versions of the Genesis GV60.

WiTricity claims the cordless charging could sell more EVs. And maybe with the simplicity of the pitch in the video below, it has a point.


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