"Viridian Joule" Chosen In Chevy Volt Color Naming Contest


Dave Thomas in the Chevy Volt


The people have spoken and they\’ve chosen Viridian Joule as the name of the Chevy Volt\’s green-gray paint color. Dave Thomas, of Sanford, Florida came up with the winning entry which beat the second place offering, \”enviroMint\” by nearly 300 votes. \”EV-ergreen\” came in third, falling 400 votes off the pace. 3,000 total votes were cast in the online poll that determined the name.

The newly chosen name seems apropos. Dictionary.com describes viridian as \”a long-lasting, bluish-green pigment, consisting of a hydrated oxide of chromium.\” A joule is the SI unit of energy.

The three contestants all got a turn behind the wheel of the Volt in L.A., but Thomas got dibs on the first drive, becoming the first member of the general public to test the highly anticipated vehicle. Apparently, GM told Edmunds Inside Line that Thomas was \”a little frisky\” during his turn. Atta boy, Dave! Drive it like you stole it!

Sources: GM, Inside Line


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