Want To Drive a 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport? Enter Our Writing Contest!


We tested a 2009 Tesla Roadster last spring. Without a doubt, it\’s one of the most fun and breathtaking performance cars around. And the new-for-2010 Roadster Sport model is even quicker. Zero to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, anyone?

Now you too can have your very own chance to drive a 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport.  Tesla and High Gear Media have partnered for our latest writing contest, through December31, where we\’ll pick the best article submitted by a user and give that person a Tesla test drive.

On January 20, in fact, we\’ll fly the winner to San Francisco, let him or her interview Tesla personnel, and give them the chance to test and review the 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport, accompanied by executive editor Marty Padgett.

2009 Tesla Roadster, Skyline Boulevard, San Mateo, CA


You can enter the contest as often as you like. And, of course, we encourage you to write about green cars, fuel efficiency, smaller engines, plug-in and electric cars … any of the topics that we cover here at GreenCarReports.com.

Why? \’Cause we\’d like to run the winning article on this site, rather than on our larger and more prestigious sister sites, TheCarConnection.com or MotorAuthority.com.

More details of the Tesla test-drive contest are available by clicking on our \”Write For Us\” page.

We\’ve run contests before–among other prizes, we gave away an iPod Touch–but this one has got to be the most appealing to pretty much anyone who\’s interested in green cars. Or electric cars. Or sports cars. Or convertibles. Or Teslas. Or ….


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