What Do You Want To Know About The 2014 BMW i3 Electric Car?


The 2014 BMW i3 electric car is one of the most radical new vehicles on the planet.

And the innovation comes in many different facets of the car.

2014 BMW i3

There\’s its shape, which is tall and somewhat van-like–unusual for a BMW.

Its styling introduces a new design language for BMW\’s \’i\’ series of plug-in electric cars, and has received mixed reviews.

The body is made of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), a material so strong that no center pillar is needed between the two doors.

The running gear is housed in an aluminum rolling chassis that contains the lithium-ion battery pack in the floorpan, with the electric motor that powers the rear wheels mounted under the load deck behind the rear seat.

Then there\’s the engine, which is optional–a first for any BMW–and serves solely as a range extender for the car\’s 80-to-100-mile battery range.

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It\’s a tiny two-cylinder twin whose sole function is to turn a generator that extends the i3\’s range by 80 miles or so–though BMW stresses that it\’s not designed or meant for everyday use, but is largely for emergencies.

The wheels and tires are both tall and narrow, to reduce frontal area and cut wind resistance.

2014 BMW i3 leaked

And there\’s more.

In 36 hours, we\’ll be behind the wheel of one of the first BMW i3 cars–and that\’s when we\’ll start to get answers to the many questions we\’ve had about the car.

But you likely have some questions of your own.

So, leave us the issues you\’d like to learn about in the Comments below.

We can\’t guarantee answers to every question, but we\’ll do our best.

And watch for our first-drive report and review of the new 2014 BMW i3 in just a few days.


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