What have Daimler electric truck fleets taught over a million real-world miles?

Electric trucks from Daimler Trucks\' Freightliner division have racked up one million miles in real-world use with fleet operators, and now the company is ready to discuss what it has learned. Over 40

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS tops out with a 350-mile EPA range rating, trailing Tesla and...

The final pieces of the puzzle are falling into place for the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS ahead of its U.S. launch this fall, and one of those is its official EPA range rating. After our first drive of the

Report: Ford is sending "charge angels" to infrastructure trouble spots

As the rollout of the Ford Mustang Mach-E continues, the automaker is reportedly sending \"charge angels\" to identify faulty infrastructure. Some public charging stations are older and don\'t meet Ford\'

Rivian intends to make its own batteries, hints at future European plant

In paperwork required for its initial public offering (IPO), Rivian has disclosed that it\'s considering manufacturing its own batteries, and may also expand production beyond the United States. The co

LG will pay GM $1.9B for Chevy Bolt EV battery recall

General Motors announced Tuesday morning that it has reached an agreement with LG Electronics over manufacturing defects that have led to the recall of about 140,000 Chevrolet Bolt EVs.  According to

2022 BMW iX preview: Electric SUV will start at $84,195 in US, range “around...

BMW has updated its U.S.-market information regarding the 2022 iX electric luxury SUV, ahead of the model\'s anticipated market launch in the first quarter of 2022. The 2022 BMW iX will start at $84,19

Top versions of Lucid Air will be first in US with lidar, company claims

Lucid on Tuesday released more details on the driver-assist tech for its Air electric luxury sedan, which is scheduled to start deliveries later this month. The company is splitting its driver-assista

Peat might lower cost of sodium-ion batteries for EVs, research suggests

An ingredient used to flavor whiskey and make fertilizer could soon play an important role in EV batteries, researcher at Estonia\'s Tartu University say. Reported recently by Reuters, the research ind

Ford and BMW partner Solid Power demonstrates the safety of its solid-state battery tech

Colorado-based Solid Power, the solid-state battery firm backed by Ford and BMW, claims that third-party safety tests show its battery tech to be safer than current lithium-ion chemistry. The tests, w

Efficiency, not range, is what drives Lucid: Is it the first true rival to...

Rivalry is a good thing. And the electric-car field doesn’t have near enough of it.  There’s a delightful start of some happening between Tesla and upstart Lucid, and it’s already shown through in fit

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