Modern Cars Are Kind of Boring. Why Is That?

\"\"Look at all that magnificent automotive variety! Or not. shauni/E+/Getty ImagesIs your car boring? Many of us can answ

How will the car of the future use biometrics?

\"\"Some biometric security systems use a touchpad and a fingerprint to verify the person trying to start the car is allow

What cars have the lowest cost of ownership?

iStockphoto/ThinkstockIn addition to a car\'s sticker price, do you know the six factors that make up the total cost of o

How to Change Transmission Fluid

\"\"Neglecting your transmission and the fluid it requires could lead to a car that isn’t switching gears like it used to.

Top 7 Ways to Reduce Your Driving Emissions without Reducing Quality of Life

\"\"DCLEverybody loves a win-win situation and today we\'ve got seven of them for you. Seven easy ways to reduce your emiss

What Causes ’New Car Smell’?

\"\"The 2015 Ford Mustang 50-Year Limited Edition interior in Wimbledon White and black leather with contrasting cashmere

Is motorcycle body armor really necessary?

\"\"Image Gallery: Motorcycles It may seem like a lot to put on, but all that gear can really help protect you in a crash.

When you vulcanize a tire, what do you do to it?

\"\"A standard tire is comprised of several parts, such as the body plies, steel belts and bead bundle. Once a tire-buildi

How Long Do Shocks Last?

\"\"Car Safety Image Gallery Automotive shock absorbers help ensure maximum comfort and control on the road. See more car

How to Recycle Tires

\"\"Think twice before you dispose of your old tires. Check out these cool green science pictures.iStockphoto/ThinkstockIf

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