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Why are thieves looking for suction cup marks on your car’s front window?

\"\"Those telltale suction cup marks on your windshield can make your car a target for thieves.Diane Macdonald/Photographe

2024 Chevy Equinox EV: $30,000 electric SUV confirmed for 2023 arrival

General Motors confirmed Wednesday that a fully electric version of its Equinox compact SUV will arrive in fall 2023, starting around $30,000.  The automaker released the first pictures of the Equinox

Why the Toyota RAV4 is the best hybrid for the US market

Sometimes the market speaks decisively about what it wants, and we can make a tremendous impact by simply playing matchmaker rather than pushing back.  That’s how we’d sum our feelings about the RAV4

NADA nudges EV charging into the car-shopping conversation with Chargeway partnership

America’s franchised dealer network is often portrayed as a pinch point to widespread electric vehicle adoption. But with a few relatively minor tweaks, it could become more of an asset and express la

Report suggests Tesla Cybertruck first deliveries delayed to 2023

Tesla is reportedly delaying initial production of the Cybertruck until the end of the first quarter of 2023, according to a Thursday evening report from Reuters.  That would mean deliveries—likely to

Vietnam's VinFast reveals EVs, plans factories in US and Germany

Vietnamese automaker VinFast is growing its planned EV lineup to five models, and plans to open factories in the United States and Germany, alongside an existing factory in its home country. The autom

Quick spin: 2022 Ford E-Transit van makes all-electric fit for the upfit

Even as companies see an electric shift of their van fleets as a net positive, they face a tricky coexistence: making the most of them alongside the gas and diesel vans that keep trucking. That’s one

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2015 BMW i8: Sexy Plug-In Hybrid Sport Coupe, Our First Drive

Could the 2015 BMW i8 sports coupe, coming this summer, do for plug-in hybrids what the Tesla Model S did for battery-electric vehicles? That is, could the sleek, sexy, attention-luring coupe with doo

How long should a car’s A/C compressor last?

\"\"An A/C control panelHemera/ThinkstockFor many of us, as long as our car is running well, we may not think about the hu

Polestar points to "a disturbing lack of transparency" about EV carbon...

Polestar on Thursday said it would publish full details on the \"climate impact\" of its electric cars. The move \"sets new standards for other car makers to follow,\" Polestar declared in a press release

Bentley secures plans for first EV in 2025, carbon-neutrality in 2030

Bentley on Wednesday confirmed that its first electric car will roll off an assembly line at the automaker\'s existing factory site in 2025. The automaker previously said it would unveil an all-electri

How Automotive Air Conditioning Works

\"\"What\'s missing from this picture? Automotive air conditioning.Stockbyte/Getty ImagesYou\'re stopped in traffic on an Au

How do I know when my car needs a wax job?

\"\"The early days of car wax advertised some dubious claims.Apic/Getty ImagesSome people may see a wax job as an extra fo


How Car Rebates and Incentives Work

\"\"Image Gallery: Sports Cars A \"sale\" balloon advertises a special price on a Mustang at a Ford dealership in Tacoma, Wa

VW ID.4 will get Plug and Charge convenience soon with OTA update, bidirectional capability...

The Volkswagen ID.4 will soon get Plug and Charge capability in the United States, and may get bidirectional charging as well. VW confirmed both features for the European market in a press release ear

How Does an Engine Cooling System Work?

\"\"A car’s engine operates most efficiently at high temperatures, emitting less pollution and keeping its components in t